Personalized Service

We have tailored options that fit your child's needs. Create a menu of services that is right just for you.

Whether your child is just starting out and needs help coming up with the right topic (often the hardest part) or has an essay written that needs professional editing, there is a plan just for you. Keep in mind, too, that the Common App Essay is just one of many your child may need to write. We also work with students on their personal statements and the auxiliary essays required by specific colleges.

Option 1: The Common App Essay: From Blank Page to Winning Essay

If your child is at the beginning of the process, this is the package for you.

Five-hour package includes:

Option 2: A Detailed Critique of Individual Essays

If your child has already written his or her essay (or personal statements) - and would like a detailed critique of the topic, tone, structure and grammar this is the package for you.

Total cost: $300 per essay