The College Essay Expert

Your college essay is the best chance you have to speak directly to an admissions director. Are you ready?

SAT tutors and college advisors are great at what they do - tutoring for tests and helping your child decide where to apply. But when it comes to the all-important essay, it's time to call in a true writing specialist.

Emily Listfield is an award-winning journalist and editor with over twenty years experience helping writers produce attention-grabbing short-form essays. Deeply informed about the college application process - including what admissions officers are really looking for (Hint #1: It's not one more essay about a summer service trip) - she will help your child brainstorm, write, and edit the essays that will give their application the winning edge.

Let Listfield's proven track record of helping high school seniors get into the colleges of their choice work for you.

The Essay Counts More Than Ever

Admissions officers read thousands of essays every season. Will yours help you - or hurt you?